Brumby ‘backflip’ denied by NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro

ABA is pleased that John Barilaro has clarified his wording at a recent Jindabyne meeting on Kosciusko Wild Horse management under the new Heritage Act.

Hopefully his words on a new population count, then reduce to 3-4,000 will show the public that the Heritage Act is a genuine attempt to find the right balance and have both sides working together.

By allowing smaller populations to remain in selected areas of the park (not everywhere!) and humanely manage through passive trapping, fertility control, etc, we would hope that some compromise between pro and anti groups can be established.

The Reclaim Kosi group still push that numbers will blow out as all Brumbies are protected. This false information is also fuelled by no trapping since early 2018. Glad John Barilaro also pushed the need to get the 2 advisory groups starting on the task of sensible management. The sooner that the technical and advisory components of the horse management become established the better for both the environment and the horses.

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