And the Winners are……..

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR Raffle Prize Winners! Winners were randomly drawn via the Raffle Tix website. Thank-you to everyone who purchased a ticket and supported our raffle!

FIRST PRIZE – Maria Negyesi

SECOND PRIZE – Peter Jenner

THIRD PRIZE – Rosie Gehrig-Mills

FOURTH PRIZE – Daniel Beecher

FIFTH PRIZE – Janine Morffew

SIXTH PRIZE – Renee Neubauer

SEVENTH PRIZE – Walter Kudrycz

EIGHTH PRIZE – Joan Taylor

Emails have been sent to all the prize winners.

Thank-you to our fabulous Indigenous Artists for their artwork!

Liss Cowan

Amaroo Dreaming

Lil Aud’s Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art – Lilly Pilly Inspirations

Huff Creations


The Australian Brumby Alliance was formed in 2008 and is a non-profit organisation concerned with the promotion, protection and humane management of Australian Wild horses.



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