Inspired by the American Mustang Challenge, the Australian Brumby Challenge aims to showcase the abilities and value of our own Australian Brumbies.

Approved professional and non-professional horse trainers are given 150 days to take a recently captured and unhandled Brumby to the finals of the ABC.  There are two sections, a ridden section and an in-hand section for yearlings.  Following the finals, an auction is held and approved participants can bid for the Brumbies of their choice.

The ABC was initiated by ABA member group, the Victorian Brumby Association in 2013 and the first finals of the Challenge were held in 2014.  The finals of the second Australian Brumby Challenge were held at Equitana in Melbourne from November 17-22, 2016.

The third Australian Brumby Challenge is underway and the finals will be held at Equitana in November 2018.

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