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September 28 2013 : ABA Press release Dead Horse Gap 28 Sept 2014

September 14 2013 : RSPCA/Vic supports aerial culling in Victorian Alps

ABA Media Release – ATHRA Trail Ride April 2011

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ABA Guy Fawkes 2000 Review 20 Oct 2014

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NSW Pest Animal Issues Draft Report

ABA reply to Greater Alpine NP (Vic) Draft Management Plan July 2014


8.0 Rescue & Care of Wild Horses In Australia

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ABA Info Sheet – Fertility Control

VBA Info Sheet – The History of Brumbies

VBA Info Sheet – Alpine National Park Brumbies

VBA Info Sheet – Barmah Forest Brumbies

VBA Info Sheet – Kosciuszko National Park Brumbies


Visit to Dartmoor National Park, 2015, Jill Pickering