ACT Brumbies – the non-Rugby ones !


(Zero Brumby tolerance)

Managed by:      
ACT Environment Minister has decreed the zero Brumby policy.

Current Brumby plan:   
Kill all Brumbies found in the ACT

Inhabited area for:        
150 years up to serious wild fire, since then any Brumby found is killed.

Population size 2020:    
Previously small number but now there are no Brumbies in the ACT

Current position:          
Any Brumby found in the ACT is killed.

Culling methods:          
Trap and euthanatize or ground shooting all brumbies found.

Stakeholder Groups:     
None that we know of

ABA lobby position:      
Managed by passive trapping and rehoming since numbers are so low.

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