Critical gaps in Australian Wild Horse studies

“We agree with Linklater et al. (2002) that the peer-review process is the best mechanism for illuminating the quality of research to the public, by exposing it to criticism from an independent and international audience. In the case of feral horse management, to our knowledge, this standard is yet to be achieved in Australia for both ecological and human dimensions research.” – Nimmo 2007

“In conclusion, there remain several critical gaps in our understanding of the ecological effects of feral horses on native environments, particularly with regard to Australian ecosystems.”- Nimmo 2007

Linklater, et al. (2000 p149) cites Rogers (1991) which shows that positioning of horse exclosures can result in impact measurements unrepresentative of the broader system.

“Most research on the ecological effects of feral horses has occurred at single, small, spatial scales” – (Beever, et al. 2003)

 “Further confounding results is the fact that past research into the effects of feral horses have typically included only a small number of response variables (Beever et al. 2003), usually measuring direct effects of disturbance on a few plant characteristics, ignoring both direct effects on other taxa (Beever and Brussard 2004) and indirect effects occurring concurrently and subsequently from the formation of feedback loops” – Beever and Herrick (2006).


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