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The ABA had taken legal action to stop the Victorian Government from removing Brumbies from the Bogong High Plains and the Alpine National Park.

Hours before an injunction hearing, ABA and Parks Victoria negotiated an interim agreement to reduce the number of horses removed.  But the longer term outcome will be decided at the main hearing in 2019.

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The Australian Brumby Alliance Inc (ABA) was established in 2008 to help facilitate the efforts of like minded minded wild horse interest groups throughout Australia.   We do this by sharing information and expertise as well as providing a collective voice in regard to the humane management, welfare, preservation and promotion of what we consider to be National Treasures – Australian Brumbies.

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Brumbies on the Victorian Bogong High Plains


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The ABA advocates for humane management of wild horses and is involved with projects that aim to either progress best practice or expose and eliminate cruelty.  Where possible, we endeavor to work with governments and organisations such as the RSPCA and Animals Australia to achieve acceptable outcomes
Official Opening New England Brumby Sanctuary 2008


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