The True Spirit of the Brumby Loyal, Kind and Dependable

 #protectourheritagebrumbycampaign  Wednesday, May 20, 2020

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a message from Member Group the Victorian Brumby Association

The Injunction to prevent the Victorian Government from shooting Brumbies is currently being heard in the Supreme Court. A huge thank you to Phil Maguire and Rural Resistance for getting this off the ground!

This is the second time in eighteen months that The Victorian Government has been made answerable for the way it manages our Heritage Brumbies. The Australian Brumby Alliance case was only finalised a week ago. After huge effort from Jill Pickering and the whole ABA team, that one was lost. What this effort shows the Victorian government though, is that win lose or draw, this movement will continue and the voice is getting louder!

This can’t be accomplished by one voice or one organisation – not even a hundred, but the thousands of us all raising our voices for the Brumbies WILL be heard.

To everyone out there who has shared a Facebook post, bought a sticker, written a letter, gone up to the High Country to stand for the Brumbies – this is what happens when we all stand, each in our own way!

Keeping our Brumbies right where they belong is our aim. Supporting them, through promoting them as a tourism drawcard, an amazing riding horse and asset to our wild spaces, sitting at the table with Parks Victoria when their management is discussed and BEING HEARD. That is our aim.

Why? Look at the photos below: The first shows VBA Millie, caught from Kosciuszko as an 11 year mare with her person Bridie, alongside them is VBA Trooper, caught from Kosciuszko as a yearling with his person Matilda and then VBA Beauty, caught from Bogong High Plains as a yearling with his person Emily. Each of them has intrinsic value and a right to live (even the children! ? ). The second photo shows what we see when we visit their wild cousins – healthy family groups of Brumbies in a healthy environment!! The unwritten rule of Ecology is ‘do no harm’. These Brumbies support their environment, giving back to the country which nurtures their families. Sometimes, they need supportive management, but this should ALWAYS be done with full community consultation and humanely.

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A Message To All Brumby Supporters

Sunday 17 May 2020

After midnight TONIGHT ground shooting of our Heritage Alpine Brumbies starts in the East Victorian Alps, and then – to where?

Parks Vic overturned their plan which states NO shooting will occur in the current plan and none until the public are consulted – their word means nothing.

Rumours are that Brumby supporters are off to the East Alps to object to Parks Vic’s actions, if true, stay safe and thanks for this effort.

All Brumby supporters are contributing to the resistance, whether physically present or in spirit. We must support each other, keep focused on the very survival of our Heritage Brumbies, and stand in solidarity. Thank you all for the work you put into letter writing, emails, petitions, legal action, Brumby rehoming when Parks DO trap, complaints to the Ombudsman, Auditor General, States / Federal government – you name it – we have done it AS A COLLECTIVE. Keep up the pressure, keep sending emails/letters even if no replies, that’s government – Brush off protests – until they become too overwhelming to ignore. United we stand, divided we fall.

– Jill Pickering, ABA

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